Hi, my name is Eric Claerhout, better known online as imswebra! This is my website dedicated to following all my creations and other adventures, good and bad. Enjoy your stay!

More About Me

I am a computer engineering student in the software co-op program at the University of Alberta. Since I was about 10 years old, I have had an ever-growing interest in design that started with digital art. The computer’s ability to undo complemented my inability to draw, and the process as a whole gave me a new way to make something I was proud of. This initial interest has since led me to explore a wide range of topics, generally enabled by my computer and the internet, and for those around me to develop a vast misconception of my talents and abilities. We all know that if you completed 2/9 JavaScript courses on codecademy to appease a teacher in grade six it should “just be easy” (Nick, 11:57am, Recess) to quickly change someone’s French grades from my 2012 iPod Touch. Apparently writing over their paper report card with sharpie doesn’t count.

Since this sixth grade escapade, (which also happens to be the name of my new band), I have played with photo manipulation, app design, 3D modeling, game design, VFX, music production, programming, logo design, video production, small electronics, run on sentences, all the other interests I never was good at but currently forget, and now, web development. Not in any particular order of course.

It would be very unfair to say that I was proficient in all of these however; in most I only ever got far enough to understand the basics. Sometimes I would get bored of a certain topic, but much more likely, I would simply be distracted by another. While I definitely envy those who are extremely good at their chosen topic, the fast-pace learning and rapid progression that comes with discovering something new has always encouraged me to explore. That being said, I am still surrounded with things like programming and small electronics in my degree, learning more and more every day. To see some of the work I’m actually capable of, see the projects page.

More More About Me, As Per My Loving Friends.

I asked my friends to describe me in under four words. More specifically, the message said, “Describe me in under 4 words. Go. This is serious.” Their responses included such literary masterpieces as:

  • Where are your manners?
  • robot computer man
  • not the worst human
  • 0100111001101111
  • dumb

The Name

Pronounced as: [contraction for “I am”]·[first syllable of Sweden]·[women’s undergarment]

Its origin in fact has nothing to do with believing one is a Swedish-breast-support system, but rather a short story from my childhood. My youngest sister could not pronounce her Z’s, and therefore often needed help doing up her “swipper,” or would ask why rabbits run in “swig-swags.” When we first went to the zoo, we were rather surprised to see a “swebra,” marking the birth of the name I would later adopt.

The Website

Built with Jekyll, running qwtel’s Hydejack Pro. Developed on Github.

Most artwork projects are released freely under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license, and most code/programming projects are released freely under the MIT license. Currently, almost everything is hosted on Github. Note that the website as a whole is not released under such terms or licenses.

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